sorry for

I find myself in Seattle, processing a ten month relationship abruptly ended by a phone call, followed up by an email.

The email arrives in my inbox two days after I was effectively stranded in Shanghai and then Toronto. Stephen and I had planned a month long road trip through the States which was canceled about 48 hours prior to the email being sent.

We had both just finished teaching in China where we learned to navigate queer love in spaces policed by a culture and a politics foreign to us. The strangeness of code-switching between friends and lovers made intimate spaces more intimate and the public sphere cold and obtuse. This bred a passion and a paranoia that danced a seemingly endless dance set against a stage of places and spaces we could inhabit but never call home.

Ultimately, the only home we had was in each other.

Spanning ten months, I have compiled and cropped and edited images made during our time together. The images in this book were personal mementos: images of meals, vacation photos, a Christmas party, etc. and were never meant to be seen by anyone other than our friends and each other.

Each image is overlaid with a word (sometimes a punctuation) from that apology letter that is at once a break up letter but also a eulogy and, strangely enough, a profession of love.